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Citric Acid

Trace Zero manufactures various aqueous solutions of Citric acid, the common name for 3-carboxy-3-hydroxypentanedioic acid, in its manufacturing facility in Howell, Michigan. The high purity grade product is processed, purified, filtered, and contaminate levels verified to meet customer specification before customer delivery. The product is available in bulk from 10 to 50% liquid solutions. The purity of the solution is determined through analysis of select metal ions. Each ion has a specific maximum specification. See technical data sheet for further information. Call to discuss our different products and associated expected metal concentrations.


Citric acid is naturally occurring in various fruits such as lemon, limes, and pineapples. It can also be obtained through the fermentation of glucose by the mold Aspergillus niger. Citric acid is widely used in the food processing industry as well as pharmaceutical and industrial industries. Applications include cleaning, food additives, food coloring, and stainless steel passivation. Citric acid additive gives food a desired sour taste. When added to cosmetic lotions citric acid acts as an antioxidant and helps refresh the skin's appearance. The various uses across multiple industries has created a steady demand for citric acid and we at Trace Zero look forward to expanding our reach to all potential customers.